As you’ve probably seen I love to let everybody know about my day-to-day life and what I’m up to, but sometimes if there’s something I come across, eat, play with or otherwise love, I will most certainly tell you all about it!

Sometimes people will sponsor me things to review their products, but rest assured any and all review are exactly what I think of the product. If I say I like something, then I really do! I’ll always tell my fellow doggos if there’s something i don;t like and I’d expect no less from my friends too!

Any posts that contact a review that is sponsored in this way will be marked with a small disclaimer at the bottom saying ‘This is a collaborative post’ so you can always tell.

If you want to work with me and/or for me to review something for you, then you can find some more information here, or you can just get in touch to find out more.