The Princess and the Pea… sort of

For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you’ll have seen that our little Luna is lady of leisure. She enjoys a run around a few times a day and then lazes around the house without a care in the world (aside from when she gets her next treat) like the queen of the house. I guess she kind of IS the queen of the house, but that’s a discussion for a separate day! I digress – So she’s swanning around and relaxing whilst we’re at work and she seems to be a big fan of having plenty of choice on where to sleep.

We had recently written a review on another bed that we’d been loaned for a while, and after we had to give that back, she went back to using her old bed. She’s had this bed since she was a tiny little puppy of 8 weeks (she just turn 1 year old on Friday 4th august for perspective). She’s always liked this old bed; it’s squishy and lumpy and when she digs at it, it lumps up and she can plonk herself down and snooze happily. Her favourite place to sleep has been and always will be our bed as, when she’s on the bed, she can dig and make the duvet all lumpy and make herself a little nest. This seems to be the thing for her, a duvet-like bed she can mould to how she likes it. Enter Hector Hartley!


We’ve followed these guys on their Instagram and been a fan of their products for a while after coming across them through another whippet-owner friend of ours. They make some really good-quality beds in Luna’s favourite duvet-style mattresses. They come in a variety of styles, colours and most importantly for us, they are made tough and strong fabrics. This is a key point as Luna sometimes decides to take her zoomie rage out on her beds. She’s been known to chew the beds and rag them all over the place. She’s gotten though a fair few beds in her time that exploded and the stuffing was not fun for me to clean up…thanks Luna!


We got in touch with the lovely folks at Hector Hartley to speak about their products and when they offered to send our lucky little girl a bed of her very own to test out, we just jumped at the chance (on her behalf – she still doesn’t understand emails yet…).


We were sent one of these lovely duvet beds in the mid denim blue colour. When we first got Luna, she was my first ever pup so whilst looking at all the different things I noticed how some items, like the beds, can seem to be quite expensive at first glance. I made this mistake when we first got Luna. We bought a few of the cheaper beds for her and very quickly we’d burned through 4 cheaper beds at £20 a pop. In retrospect I should have just bought a high-quality bed straight away as it would have worked out far better value in the end…


The Hector Hartley beds definitely fall into the latter category of high-quality beds. Luna has chewed and played with this bed and, looking at it, you couldn’t tell it isn’t still brand new. The stitching is strong and well done, the material is thick and tough just like the sort of denim we’re used to is.


All this is great, dad approval is all well and good, but at the end of the day, I’m not the one using the bed; the approval that really counts is Luna’s. What does she make of it? Predictably, due to it being a duvet bed, she loves it! With being able to dig at it and mould it into a little nest for herself she’s very happy. Happy Luna equals happy life and that’s the important thing for us!


You can check out Hector Hartley’s online shop here, and you can also follow them on Instagram too.