Little Dog Lost (And Then Found!)

So, we had a bit of a scare a couple of weeks ago. If you follow Luna on Instagram then you may have seen a post we put up saying she had gone missing. The scariest thing that can happen to any pet owner is their best friend running away.

Luna wasn’t with us or at home when it had happened. She was staying with a lady who had looked after Luna before and indeed sits for many dogs in the area. We don’t know with exact certainty what happened, but we believe that the lady’s husband can walked through the front door, a door had slammed shut elsewhere in the house due to changing pressures (blah blah) and then Luna got spooked and ran. She nipped passed the husband and jumped over the small front gate and was gone in a flash. Thankfully she was staying away from busy roads, and next to the park we go to on a daily basis.

We had family staying with us over the weekend with a small 6-month-old baby in tow so had thought Luna’s enthusiasm and over-exuberance might be best staying with other doggies for Saturday night. We only found out what had happened as we were out walking in the area and a car stopped us and asked if we’d seen a black whippet loose in the area. When we realised and confirmed it was out dog we were super worried, only to be broken a few minutes later when someone else said they were sure they had seen her hit by a car and run away. Let me just set your mind at ease and say thankfully this was not the case, but imagine how we felt at the time.

This was then followed by hours and hours of searching high and low for her in the area of the park and the house she ran away from. There were sightings of her, but some children who were ‘helping’ search for her kept running screaming at her and obviously spooked her even more and made matters so much worse! She did not want to be found or caught. We were out until about half 2 in the morning when it became too dark and too cold for us to realistically do anything more that night. We went home fearing the worst and absolutely broken inside. Our best friend and little Luna was missing, still. We felt that we’d failed her, she’s only 11months old and we’d let her down. We were beating ourselves up no end and inevitably got no sleep.


At 5 on Sunday morning, we got up and went out again, going a little further looking for her this time, but still nothing. Even the slightest rustle or twig snapping made our hearts leap – desperately hoping to see that little cheeky pup prancing out towards us. No such luck. At about half 7 we were exhausted again from no sleep, no food and no joy finding her. We sat for an hour or two on social media posting everything we could everywhere we could. We contacted all the vets and dog wardens all over again still having no luck. We decided to go out once again just as my brother and his family were coming back from having been out looking again for us. We headed back to the park, asking every single person we saw. Just as we got about halfway round the path at the park, we had a call from my brother…a literal miracle had occurred.

Apparently, when we’d left and my brother went inside, they left the door wide open (as had been recommended by many people online) and had sat down in the dining room to eat their sandwiches they’d got from the little deli near the park. He said that he’d just sat down when some kind of small black blur ran through the front door and upstairs. Apparently, it took him a moment to register and they raced to the front door and closed it and ventured upstairs to see our beautiful little lady lay down on the bed, tongue out beaming with a smile! Needless to say, we had both run home as fast as possible after hearing she was home. We were all in absolute shock and beyond relieved. No words to describe the mixture of relief, joy and a million different emotions flying about!


We took her to the vets that afternoon and she was given a check-up and also given the all clear. She had not been hit by a car. No injuries of note – she had a small graze on one of her pads but it didn’t bother her so was only superficial. She was hungry and thirsty but we soon sorted that out with some nice fresh wet food and plenty of clean drinking water for her. All in all, she was fine and acting like nothing had ever happened.

There’s more to this post than just a quick update of what happened. The whole experience made us really think about how we look after Luna. Whilst she is microchipped, she didn’t have an ID tag (not a smart move by us!) and wasn’t insured. Like many people we always thought “that won’t happen to us – Luna won’t run away from us” and whilst she did not run away from us, we didn’t consider that she’s not always with us and may be unpredictable, after all she is an animal at the end of the day.

We have since bought her a small GPS tracker that attaches to her collar or harness or otherwise that we can monitor via our mobile phones now. It offers live tracking with great accuracy and really offers a great peace of mind. I will do another post about the device and other things we’ve learned once we’ve had more hands-on time with it. If you want to see which one we got, you can click the little banner at the footer of this article to find out more.*


Finally, we wanted to say a huge thank you to the community in our area. Whilst many of them will never read this, we were so overwhelmed with how many people, strangers and friends, that gave up their Saturday evenings to help us search for Luna. Many into the early hours of the morning. We had hundreds of shares on Facebook and had many people offering to drive over to the area to help us look for her. We really appreciated everybody’s help and genuine care. Really made us appreciate the people and area in which we live.

TL:DR =Make sure you consider what you’d do and have a plan in case your furry friends do get lost! Luna was missing for 16 hours in the end and it was the worst time of our lives not knowing where she was or if she was OK. We never did or ever will find out where she was and what she was up to but I’d really like to know!!

The link in this banner is an affiliate link, anything you buy through it would earn Luna a few pounds for treats and toys 🙂 (most likely toys as she destroys them all so quickly)