Whippet Walk #2

Last month we were lucky enough to go on another whippet walk, this time somewhat closer to home in Stockport. We’d not been over to Stockport before other than passing through so it was nice to find such a beautiful location so close to where we live.

This walk was organised by Zach and Tom who have branded the meets as WhipDashMCR, and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about future meetups.

We got a lift to this meeting with a lovely lady who lives near to us and her daughter. They were meeting their parents there with their whippet, Skye. The drive was quite short, only about half an hour or so.

When we got there a few people recognised Luna straight away; she seems to have fans wherever we go! We all got to meet one another and let the dogs say their hellos. Very quickly they made it clear that they wanted to start running and playing so we set off from the meeting point to the planned part of the park. The walk through the woods was really nice with lots of wildflowers and huge trees flanking the path. There was a little bit of ‘near off-roading’ with some big muddy patches we had to manoeuvre around but we did so fairly easily and soon got to the open fields. We had them all to ourselves and barely saw another soul in that part of the park the entire time we were there.

The whippets loved it and as soon as leads were unclipped they were very quickly zooming around at full speed. There was a definite air of youth compared to the previous walk. Whilst there were whippets of all ages, there was certainly more younger dogs which was great for Luna as she was zooming around more this time round. It may also have been that there was a few less dogs and it may have been less overwhelming for her too?

She had a great time and was soon up to her usual tricks by ganging up with another young whippet called Wilson and they managed to get into my bag and steal my pancakes I’d brought with me for a snack!! Luna did quite well out of the operation as she ended up with the pancakes, Wilson ended up running away with only the tin foil!


Whilst on this walk we were also trying out something new with Luna. We’ve always usually used a greyhound/whippet collar – one of those which has an extra wide bit on one side – but we’ve always heard good things from people about using harnesses. Luna likes to pull a fair amount on the lead and people had told us that harnesses can quickly eliminate that behaviour. When the lovely folk at CosyDogs Harnesses offered to send us one of theirs to try out we jumped at the chance.

Their harnesses are fleece-lined and super soft. That was one of my two concerns about harnesses alleviated. The other concern is to do with the shape of the harness and how it fits certain breeds of dogs. You can get some which loop under the dog’s front legs, but they’re often easy for the dog to back out of. The CosyDogs harness was designed in such a way that Luna would not be able to back out of it, but it was also one that looped under her front legs so took into account her larger chest area as it common on all sighthounds.

The harness was great. Luna stopped her pulling straight away, almost naturally, which was great as she was no longer straining her neck and choking herself. She didn’t seem fussed about wearing it either. Take a look at the CosyDogs shop for the full range of dog harnesses available. I’d really recommend them. We had a fair few people on the walk ask us about the harness too, so it definitely made a good impression! Luna is wearing this one in her pictures.

*We were given a harness by CosyDogs in return for reviewing it, but the views expressed are my own and 100% truthful!

Photo Credit for picture of Luna eating the pancake goes to Zach Tze (co-founder of WhipDashMCR)