A posh bed for a posh dog

Luna is lazy. That’s a fact. She loves her sleep! We used to take her out for a morning walk before going to work but she hated it and refused to walk very far. Now, every morning, whilst K and I both get ready to go to work, Luna slithers into our bed and makes herself at home. She digs at the duvet and curls up and falls asleep.

Seeing as she is such a sleepy dog, we make sure there’s a couple of beds around the place as she can’t always enjoy the luxury of our king-size bed. We used to have a plain double bed, but we upgraded to the larger size to accommodate her in the mornings/weekend lie-ins! She’s a spoilt little princess.


As such, all the beds we have around the house are quite old now and lumpy. We’ve got rid of a couple as when she was a puppy she used to rip them up and chew them, so she was down to just one bed.

Cue Berkeley Beds for Dogs to come to the rescue! We were given one of their mattresses and fleecy covers to try out and review and see what Luna made of it.

Now these beds are not the cheapest out there and you will find many priced cheaper, but with anything in life you really get what you pay for. This bed is constructed like a human mattress – it’s orthopaedic and has a pocket-spring layer. I sat on it, and if it was a bit bigger, I’d have probably slept on it myself! It’s got a nice weight to it, meaning that when Luna gets the zoomies, she can’t rag it around and move it. She tried at first but soon realised it was far too heavy for her to move – result!


It’s also waterproof. This would have been more useful for us when she was a little puppy and was still learning bladder-control but still good to have. She’s not adverse to getting very dirty and muddy on a walk and running straight to bed when we get home. The waterproof feature means that it can be wiped clean without having to put it in the wash every week. Very helpful!

With Luna being the little princess/diva that she is, we were also sent a fleecy cover too. This just easily covers over the top of the mattress and provides a bit of softness and warmth for the dozy little madam. A nice addition and great little upgrade!

With all this in mind, what did Luna think of it? Well, in one word – AWESOME. She loved having her own large bed that was comfy too. Being a whippet she has a very bony/skinny little spine, so when she sprawls out she feels every little lump underneath her. Unlike her old lumpy beds that had to go through the wash multiple times, this bed gave great, even support. She’ll miss it once we’ve had to give it back!


You can check out Berkeley Beds for Dogs’ website here. Have a look and treat your pooch. They’ll thank you by enjoying fantastic snoozes giving you a little more time to relax too. Win-win!!


*We were loaned a mattress by Berkeley Beds for Dogs in return for reviewing it, but the views expressed are my own and 100% truthful!


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