Whippet Meetup #1

This weekend just gone, we all went to North Wales for a meetup with loads of other whippets. We came across the event randomly whilst browsing on Facebook and it was hosted by the Whippet Appreciation Society.

Luckily, we have family that live in North Wales, just 10 mins drive from the beach where the meetup was happening! Also, equally as good was the fact that Luna seems to have grown out of her car sickness. The first few times she went in a car, she projectile vomited everywhere after a few mins, this time, even after several hours driving around the Anglesey countryside – nothing! Happy Days!

The meetup itself was on Talacre Beach. I’d never been there before, but I’d certainly recommend it to anyone, with or without a dog. There’s endless rolling sandy beach with a characteristic and famous old lighthouse on the beach. The lighthouse itself isn’t in use anymore but it still looks pretty cool on the beach; you don’t see too many around anymore.

Talacre Lighthouse can be seen in the background

It was really nice to meet so many other whippets that day and to speak to loads of other whippet parents and find out that Luna is not as crazy as we might have thought and that we all go through all the same stages with our pups. The dogs had a great time too – racing around with each other and chasing balls, rolls in the sand, and some whippets (Luna included) even ventured into the sea too.

One thing we learned quite quickly was that Luna is no different to the rest of them as they all adore food and treats. They were quick to sniff out which people had treats with them and you’d see people surrounded by whippets jumping up to see what they could snatch. There was one lady (who everybody affectionately nicknamed ‘sausage-lady’) who brought a load of sausages. Luna soon worked this out and managed to snaffle most of them for herself! We were mortified!! Luckily, we had plenty of our own treats with us so we were able to share ours out amongst the dogs!

18579384_10155292266437521_1259436480_n (1)
This was a very common sight…

We were really lucky to be given some biscuits by a small family-run doggy biscuit company called WellyBix. They make all their biscuits in their home kitchen (I saw an Instagram live video of them being made once!) and they’re all made from human-grade ingredients which I really liked. Needless to say, the dogs loved them. I was sharing them out at one point and Luna knocked me over by jumping up and I was very quickly swarmed by nearby whippets and a tag-along Labrador begging for biccys! Judging by the seal of approval given by the gang, I’d say they went down a treat. I’d definitely recommend trying them out for your own dogs too! We got to try out some of the Lamb, Beef and Chicken flavours, but there are quite a few other ones you can get too.

I was mugged for the WellyBix!

We also brought along some other treats we’d got a few days before from another company called Innocent Hound. I had never heard of these guys until passing through Pets At Home one day and Luna would not leave the aisle they were on and kept trying to steal. Thankfully our pooch didn’t commit doggy-theft this time, but when they got in touch and offered to send us some of their new healthy dog-treat for Luna to try we jumped at the chance. Luna was very happy! They made with minimal ingredients and are designed to been healthy for dogs as well as delicious. They come as little sausages and they seemed to do the trick. We had a few pooches queuing up to claim some! One cheeky lady named Lily and a young puppy both came back more than a few times, but they were cute so we let them off…

This little chap loved the sausages!

All in all, we all had a great time on the walk and it was great to meet loads of other whippets. Luna had a great time and really enjoyed having a run with other dogs that can keep up with her blistering pace and stamina! Thanks a lot to the Whippet Appreciation Society for organising the walk and we can’t wait for the next one!…That said, we’re going on another more local whippet meetup this weekend so we’re all super excited!

Photo Credits: Katie and some of the other walkers!


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