Making it snow indoors

Sometimes I do things that make my parents upset, or annoyed, but very rarely do I manage to do anything that leaves them completely speechless. Well, ladies and gentlemen, recently I manged to do just that!

Picture the scene if you will. Daddy comes homes after a long day at work. Takes his shoes off and gets ready to say hello to me and give me loads of cuddles and strokes and fuss and attention. He walks through the door to the living room and his jaw literally drops! This is what he sees…

I killed the sofa

What you’re looking at there is the remains of the evil beast that is ‘the sofa’. OK so I don’t hate the sofa at all. It’s cool, it’s comfy and yeah I may or may not spend a lot of time sleeping on it, but I swear it looked at me funny. In dog world that meant I had to destroy it! It wasn’t beyond repairs thankfully so my mummy and daddy couldn’t be too upset with me; it looks worse than it is. Daddy was able to pick all the stuffing up off the floor (that looking like a really fun job!) and stuff it back into the cushions – job done! Here’s a photo of me watching him whilst I lay in the sofa’s guts.

Watching daddy fix the sofa

Overall it was a fun experience. I had fun, I was comfy, it snowed indoors and nothing was beyond fixing – sorted!

Oh, by the way doggo friends…if you’re ever in the same situation as this, you could always the the classic excuse of “it exploded”. That way you can play the “don’t worry, I’m OK and I survived” card and get extra fuss and attention. I missed this opportunity but I’ll remember it for next time 😀

Finally, here is me looking very proud of my handiwork whilst sunbathing in the late afternoon sun…

Catching some rays

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