A word from Dad: Beautiful Joe’s Dog Treats

We recently had the opportunity to try some awesome new treats from a company called Beuatiful Joe’s. They make all their own treats in-house from British ox-liver with no additives. They say their process just consists of slowly drying the liver which is great as I am a big believer in the importance of good quality food and treats for our furry friends – I don’t want to eat poor-quality food so why should Luna?

Another thing I particularly like about this company is that they’re not all about making a product and selling it for maximum profit. Beautiful Joe’s aim to support dogs in need. Most rescue centres can’t afford to buy dog treats, yet alone premium, 100% liver treats such as these, so for every pack that is sold, another is donated to dog rescue centres across the country. A very commendable business ethic! This has a very important knock-on effect that i didn’t immediately realise… Many dogs find it difficult to be re-homed due to training issues. That might be behavioural issues, toilet-training issues or otherwise, so they will need training before they can go to their new forever homes right? Well, everybody knows that treats are the best way to train any dog! So Beautiful Joe’s not only helps the centres out but they really do make a difference for many of these dogs in need!

So you could certainly do worse than popping over to their site and having a look at all the great work they do and see all of the many different rescue centres they help up and down the country. Whilst you’re there, treat your pooch to some of their fantastic, tasty treats – you can even get a little gift pack that comes with a neat little tin for storage. I found this great for taking to the park! Luna sometimes gets a little caught up in her Wanderlust and needs prompting to return. a little shake of the tin hasn’t failed to bring her running back yet!

You can read loads more about Beautiful Joe’s here: https://beautifuljoes.com