A trek through Delamere Forest

What a glorious weekend that was? We had plenty of beautiful sunshine in Cheshire so my humans decided that we were going to go for a walk in Delamere Forest. Wahooo!

We had to get up early to get the train there in order to beat the crowds. Mixed opinions on this…I love my lie-ins, but I love walks! In the end I got up and we headed off out on the train. I made some friends who were tourists in the UK and they posed for pictures with me too. I’m always happy to pose for pictures and receive plenty of fuss and attention so it was definitely a win-win 😀

When we got the Delamere we set off along the Gruffalo track. I think it was aimed at children, but thankfully as we were there at 10am there were no children, so the humans let me off lead. The forest is great! There were so many sticks around. Big sticks, little sticks, medium sticks…and all of them were delicious! We found a lake and I went paddling in it to cool down, I even discovered I can swim! Water isn’t horrible after all, just baths are horrible.

After a few hours and pit stop for lunch (Yes I got my own food and some of daddy’s sandwich!!) we made our way round the whole lake and headed back to the starting point. On the way we detoured through some of the forest that was off the beaten track, so I was let off lead once again. I was very well behaved and stayed close all the time, despite having a few zoomie moments!

Once we got back to the start, the ehumans had an ice cream. I barked a little bit so they got me my own cone and daddy gave me some of his vanilla ice cream too. Happy doggo!

After that we got the train home and I snoozed all the way home! What a day! Apparently we’re going to find some other walks to go on over Easter. Have you got any recommendations? What’s your favourite walk to go on? Let me know in the comments!

Woof! X


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