Making friends

I love going to the park. It’s only a two minute walk and I always get to meet loads of new friends there! I live in Altrincham and the park we go to is quite nice as it has a big central field for us doggos to play on and then there’s a section around the outside where we can walk our humans. There’s even a pond with duck, geese and loads of pigeons to look at too – sometimes squirrels venture down too, but I can never get close enough to play with them; they always run away sharpish!

This weekend I went to the park with the humans as it was a nice day, we even had ice cream and everything! I made loads of new friends as ever (usually by running away from my parents and ignoring their pleas to go back!) but this little guy was my best friend of the weekend.

Meet 5-month old Dachshund puppy, Biscuit! We played for ages and he kept running underneath me and had me tying myself in knots trying to catch him. Hopefully we’ll get to play again soon.

What do you guys like about going to the park? Do you like making new friends or are you more ball and fetch doggos? Let me know in the comments below.

Woof! X


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